Member Education Seminars

Three tentative seminars are planned for presentation at upcoming BCOA National Specialties. The first seminar was held in 2012 in Washington.

2019 - What Causes What

Analyzing Borzoi structure and the effect certain faults have on conformation and performance ability. Using other breeds, where a breed virtue is considered a Borzoi fault.

2020 - No Member Education Seminar - Health Seminar

2021 – Comparison of Borzoi Styles in Movement and Performance

A review of howBorzoi styles, short coupled vs. long bodied; tall vs. short, affects Borzoi movement and performance. 

2022 - No Member Education Seminar - Health Seminar

2023 – You Be The Judge - "Putting It All Together"

Member judging, selection and placement of a class of Borzoi.

(Order of presentations may change due to availability of presenters.)

Past Seminars

DVDs of past BCOA Members Education seminars are $10 each - available on the presentations listed below.

2017 – Borzoi Movement "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"

Comparison based on Rachel Paige Elliot’s DVD DogSteps and pictures of Borzoi movement from BCOA Nationals and regional specialty shows. Presentation by Jim Sillers, DVM and Anne Midgarden, DVM.

2015 – BCOA Judges Education

The BCOA slide show presented to aspiring Borzoi judges during the judge's education seminars.

2014 – Proper Conditioning, Training and Preparation of Borzoi

Presentations and panel discussion by a panel of knowledgeable Borzoi breeders in training and conditioning Borzoi for Straight-line or Oval racing, Open Field Coursing, Lure coursing, Obedience, Agility, Rally and Conformation showing.

2013 – Changing the Breed Through Stealth

The Evolution of Borzoi in America.  Using BCOA and Regional Specialty winners and photos of historic USA and Russian Borzoi. This presentation shows how type has evolved over the decades.

2012 – From Russia with Love

A Historic and Contemporary Review of Russian Borzoi. A panel of presenters, who have either lived in Russia, travelled to Russia for hunts, and/or judged large Borzoi entries in Russia. Most importantly each is a student of Borzoi in Russia, both historic and present day.

For information on past Member Education Seminars, please contact:

Prudence Hlatky
Member Education Chairperson
(ph.) 281-840-2753