Past Presidents of the Borzoi Club of America

BCOA Past President Rebecca Peters-Campbell2012-2017
Ms Rebecca Peters-Campbell
BCOA Past President Dr Kelly Brunarski2011
Dr. Kelly Brunarski
BCOA Past President Lydia Pruett2008-2010
Ms. Lydia
BCOA Past President Barbara O'Nell2003-2007
Ms. Barbara J. O'Neill
BCOA Past President Shen Smith2001-2002
Mrs. Shen B. Smith
BCOA Past President Barbara O'Neill1996-2000
Ms. Barbara J. O’Neill
BCOA Past President Joe E. Rogers1993-1995
Mr. Joe E. Rogers
BCOA Past President Gwen Post1987-1992
Mrs. Gwen Post
BCOA Past President Grace Conally1985-1986
Mrs. Grace Conally
BCOA Past President Asa Mays1981-1984
Dr. Asa Mays
Photo Not Available1980
Mr. Dennis Jones
BCOA Past President Marcia Melamed1978-1979
Mrs. Marcia Melamed
BCOA Past President Lorraine Groshans1975-1977
Mrs. Lorraine Groshans
BCOA Past President Lena Tamboer1973-1974
Miss Lena Tamboer
Mr. William Reddick
Mrs. Grace Conally
Mr. Russell Everhart1967-1970
Mr. Russell Everhart
Photo Not Available1965-1966
Mr. Byron G. Avery
Mr. Leonard Tamboer1964
Mr. Leonard Tamboer
Photo Not Available1962-1963
Mr. John H. Gamber
Photo Not Available1960-1961
Ms. Grace Dusenbury
Mr. C.R. DeCraene, Sr1959
Mr. C.R. DeCraene, Sr.
Mr. Weldon J. McCluskeye1957-1958
Mr. Weldon J. McCluskey
Photo Not Available1955-1956
Mr. Arnold Brock
Photo Not Available1953-1954
Maj. Chester Clark
Photo Not Available1928
Mr. Ralph C. Stewart