Holter Program

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Welcome to the Holter Rental Program web page. We hope that this program helps to make screening for cardiac arrhythmias more affordable for BCOA member breeders and owners.

Why would it be beneficial to use Holter testing as a part of a pre-breeding screening program for your dogs? Even though we have the powerful tool of cardiac ultrasound (Doppler Echocardiography) to screen for a variety of inherited and acquired cardiac diseases, this modality is not reliable for identifying the inherited cardiac arrhythmias that can lead to sudden cardiac death and may only identify dogs at risk for Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) a few months before clinical symptoms appear. The Holter monitor records a 24 hour sample of the heart's electrical activity. This allows you to screen for inherited cardiac arrhythmias that would otherwise remain hidden and has the potential to catch dogs at risk of developing DCM earlier than it is possible through a Doppler echocardiogram.

Another purpose of the Holter Rental Program is data collection. If you want to know why we are gathering Holter reports and heart health information on borzoi, please go to this page: Why Share Results?

Cost of Rental

Rental pricing is offered in two tiers.

How to Rent a Holter from BCOA

Any BCOA member in good standing may rent Holter equipment from BCOA.

  1. Read the BCOA Holter Rules thoroughly. If you do not understand them, ask questions. You will be expected to follow these rules. Please understand that these rules include the assessment of penalties and replacement costs, so it is very important you understand the rules before you rent a Holter. NOTE: The rules are being revised and will be available once finished.
  2. Decide if you are going to share the results. If so, you get the discounted rate. If not, select the regular rental rate.
  3. If you are going to share the results, read and complete the Information Sharing Agreement and send it as instructed on the form
  4. Complete the Holter Rental Agreement and the Individual Sign Out Form and send as instructed.
  5. Make the appropriate payment either through the BCOA Online Store or through a check to the BCOA Treasurer.
  6. Once receipt of all forms and payment is confirmed, schedule your Holter rental.

Other Holter Program Forms

Link to Holter payment in the shopping cart

BCOA Holter Rules

Holter Hook Up Chart

Holter Package Evaluation

Holter Rental Agreement

Individual Sign Out Form

Information Sharing Agreement

Inventory List for Holter Kit

Online Holter Transmission

Sending Holter Info To Gelzer

Why Share Results?