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The Borzoi Club of America is the AKC parent club for Borzoi and serves as the Borzoi breed guardian. BCOA is responsible for determining the official breed standard as well as encouraging the acceptance of that standard by its members and breeders, as well as judges.

The BCOA hosts a yearly National Specialty Show which includes lure coursing, straight-racing (LGRA) and obedience events, as well as a triathlon event to highlight those versatile Borzoi. Rally obedience and Junior Showmanship are also featured. BCOA also sponsors trophy-supported events by request from its members.

BCOA encourages and supports the formation of independent regional Borzoi clubs. Ideally those clubs would fulfill the American Kennel Club's criteria for recognition and go on to host BCOA-sanctioned specialty events. The goal of this site is to provide a resource for current BCOA members and anyone who is interested in the Borzoi breed.

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