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Lost / Found

Venus, Texas area (since March 18, 2004)

still unrecovered as of March 18, 2008

"Raven", 7 mos. old male Borzoi

Self Black and Tan.  Weight = 60 lbs. +
Very friendly.  Microchipped for identification. Reward Offered.

CONTACT:  Sharon Ward
E-Mail:  elizz015@flash.net OR
E-Mail:  sharon_louise_ward@yahoo.com
Tel:  (972) 366-3606  or  (903) 792-2341
Cell:  (903) 244-2011

Sandra Moore
E-Mail:  avalonbz@usit.net
Tel.: (931) 657-8102


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CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-264-8898 or
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