Our Borzoi are completely reliant on us to protect them, especially when disaster strikes. Careful planning and preparation are the very best tools to safeguard our dogs as well as ourselves. Are you Ready for the next disaster? Despite multiple horrific events in recent years, surprisingly few owners have taken the initiative to develop disaster plans for themselves or their pets. To support disaster preparedness, the Borzoi Club of America has created this ReadyBorzoi© website as a one-stop resource for fanciers who wish to become more informed about dealing with disasters and everyday emergencies. Make readiness a priority today. 

Background: In August of 2005, hurricanes Katrina and Rita tragically illustrated the vulnerability of animals and owners in disaster and set into motion an unprecedented rescue and shelter effort of over 6,000 pets in a multi-state region. Thousands of animals perished or were permanently separated from their owners. Many people endangered themselves and their pets by not evacuating stricken areas or by trying to rescue their pets. The world watched as inconsolable owners were forced by rescuers to evacuate without their pets. Despite the well-intentioned efforts of pet rescue organizations, many animals were lost in the system, never to be reunited with their rightful owners.

In response to this tragedy, the Federal government created the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act requiring states to include pets in their human disaster plans. (Read about this historic legislation on the Law & Governance page.)

Today: In 2008 alone, FEMA declared 75 nationwide disasters… California wildfires set new records and claimed 684 lives; Floods in the midwest resulted in the evacuation of nearly 40,000 people; Hurricanes ravaged the Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic coastlines and traveled inland becoming the 3rd costliest season on record. There is no area of the U.S. that is disaster free. While Federal and State response has dramatically improved over the years, it is utterly imperative that pet owners assume responsibility for the lives of their pets by educating themselves on every aspect of readiness.

Feedback: Your comments, suggestions, ideas, and personal experience are especially welcome as we work to make this site as informative and user-friendly as possible.

Robin Casey & Veni Harlan,
BCOA Disaster Readiness Co-Chairs

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