01151: Molecular Basis of Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia

01467: Characterization of Geriatric Onset Laryngeal Paralysis Polyneuropathy
in Labrador Retrievers


APRIL 6, 2012

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BCOA is a participant in the Purina Parent Club Partnership Program. BCOA members who are also members of the Purina Pro Club may earn funding for canine health studies, education and/or rescue efforts that will benefit Borzoi.

Learn more HERE.

Purina Parent Club Program

CHF Annual Health Award

The AKC Canine Health Foundation has designated an annual health award in the name of Dr. Asa Mays.

Read the press release regarding its inaugural recipient


The purpose of BCOA Health Committee's website is to provide a library of health information resources to our membership. We hope you will find this website both helpful and educational.

The purpose of the BCOA Health Committee is to provide health-related information to our membership and encourage the pursuit of breeding healthier Borzoi.

Health Fundraiser!

The following items are for sale ($20 each) as health fundraisers:

DVD - 2012 Nationals Health Seminar on Holistic Alternative Veterinarian Care

18 month borzoi calendar, July 2012 thru December 2013

Be sure to include your return address and which item you are requesting.

Make checks payable to "BCOA Health" and mail to:

Ginger Jones
8552 Evergreen Rd
Brighton, MI 48116

AKC Canine Health Foundation Podcast

Podcast About Canine Cruciate Ligament Rupture and Hip Dysplasia With Dr. Karl Kraus Released [Thursday, August 26, 2010]

The AKC Canine Health Foundation is pleased to release the next podcast in the Genome Barks series. This week on Genome Barks, we welcome Dr. Karl Kraus, Chief of Small Animal Surgery and Professor of Orthopedic and Neurosurgery at Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. His research interests include stem call and bone regeneration as well as orthopedic device development. In this podcast, we discuss Cruciate Ligament Rupture and Hip Dysplasia. Dr. Kraus goes into detail about symptoms, treatments and prevention of these common orthopedic diseases.

The Genome Barks podcast series features lectures from the highly successful AKC and CHF Breeders Symposia and provides responsible breeders and pet owners an inside look at the work being done by the Canine Health Foundation.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

New podcasts are released every two weeks and can be accessed from the AKC Canine Health Foundation website at - click on "Podcasts." They are also available on Apple's iTunes® or directly at

Clubs are encouraged to add the Genome Barks Podcast link to their home pages. Contact the AKC Canine Health Foundation to obtain graphics and links.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation will be providing additional educational opportunities: the Breeders Symposium at the University of Georgia September 11. For more information or to register, click here.


There is a borzoi breed health survey available on line courtesy of the OFA and completely confidential. I encourage all borzoi owners to take the survey on as many of their dogs as possible. The survey is broken down into categories and if your dog has an ailment in any of the categories, a drop down menu containing a comprehensive listing of diseases within the category can then be completed. If you make a
mistake, you can make corrections prior to submitting the survey. The
response is real time, so you can immediately pull up the results list and your responses will be included in the total counts. Since I am currently in the process of submitting the top 5 areas of health related research interest for our breed to the Canine Health Foundation, the survey will provide background statistics for the request. Please take a few moments of your time - it only takes a minute per dog, no stamps necessary, submission is free and confidential. How much more convenient can anything be?! The survey is open to all borzoi owners including our friends over seas! Thanks much for your participation and your time!! The survey can be reached directly at:

Ginger Jones
BCOA Health Chairman