Sudden Death Survey

Please help us better understand how frequent and widespread sudden death is in Borzoi by filling out this short survey. Your participation will assist Dr. Meurs and Dr. Gelzer in more accurately evaluating this problem in our breed. Your anonymity will be strictly guarded. We appreciate your time and value your information.

What is sudden death?

For this survey, sudden death describes a type of death that occurs within the time frame of seconds to minutes in a dog that was considered normal up to that moment. Even if heart disease was diagnosed prior to, if no gradual progression or worsening clinical signs were present just prior to the death, it is considered a sudden death.

Deadline: December 31, 2018

You may take the survey one of three ways for your convenience:



Regular postal mail:
Virginia E. Jones - Borzoi Research
8552 Evergreen Rd
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