The Borzoi Connection Magazine

The first issue of the Borzoi Connection was published in October of 1997. It was the brainchild of Shen Smith and Barbara O'Neill, who thought it would help the small clubs if they didn't have to pay for a stand-alone newsletter, as well as benefitting Borzoi people all over the world. It was published quarterly for 52 issues, with the final issue (#53) comprised of tributes to Fred Edlin, Ridgeside Borzoi, and Lorraine Groshans, Loral Borzoi, who passed away in 2010.

Currently there are still some back issues available for purchase through the BCOA Shopping Cart. Proceeds from the sale of these backissues will benefit the BCOA Health Fund.

Following is a list of articles from available issues that may be of interest.

BC Columns

Inaugural Issue: A series of articles on the history of Borzoi by Laurie Kasowski, Bonnie Dalzell and Lena Tamboer; Hypothyroidism by Doc Lord

#2 - History - Kasowski; Harlequin Romance by Jaye Nilsson; Dalzell On How To Train Your Borzoi To Run Clean; Sandra Moore - What Color Is That Borzoi?

#3 - Kasowski History; Opinionated Lena On Vienna Bronzes; Your Puppy's Critical Weeks By Ann Filetti

#4 - Harlequin Romance - Little Red Riding Hood

#5 - History - Laurie; Judging In Finland By Pat Murphy

#6 - Opinionated Lena - Rosenthal Collectiles; When Things Go Wrong By Pat Murphy

#7 - Bidder Beware! By Gwen Post; Harlequin Romance - Tessielocks And The 3 Judges; Which Came First, The Standard Or The Dog? By Rey & Yvonne Mcgehee

#8 Summer 99 - Mcgehee Cont'd; Lost And Found By Alice Reese; World Dog Show By Sherry Faye Rodarmor; You Love Your Breed. Oh Really? By Pat Murphy

#9 Fall 99 - Can We Talk? Breeder Responsibility And The Health And Future Of Our Breed By Alice Reese; Reopening The Russian Tea Room By Fred Edlin;

#11 Spring 2000 - Harlequin Romance - Cinderzoi (Jaye); Some Borzoi Information From Borzoi Homeland By Dmitri Moltchanov; Throwbacks By Theresa Vonhogen (Doane); What's In A Name By Rey Mcgehee

#12 Summer 2000 - What's In A Name Cont'd

#13 Fall 2000 - Judging In Sweden By Pat Murphy; Parturition And Neonatal Care By Amy Sorbie; The Ribald Christening Of Largemouth Bass By David Skeldon; Tatiana And Mikhail By Helen Brettell

#14 Winter 00/01 - Parturition Cont'd; Harlequin Romance - The Borzoi And The Pea (Jaye)

#15 Spring 2001 - Parturition Cont'd; Russian Psovoy Borzoi By Eugene Poplavsky; The Wonderful World Of Borzoi In The Works Of Louis Icart By Lena

#16 Summer 2001 - Russian Psovoy Cont'd

#17 Fall 2001 - The Answer Was Love By Toby Brandtman; Judging Borzoi In Russia By Pat Murphy; Looking To The Past By Sue Vasick

#18 Winter 01/02 - Vasick Again; An Outline Of The History Of The Borzoi By Baron G. D. Rozen; Some General Thoughts Abut Coursing By C. Miller

#19 Spring 2002 - Vasick

#20 Ditto

#21 Ditto

#22 Winter 02/03 - Gazehounds And Coursing By Dutch Salmon; Vasick; The Soviet Period In The History Of Russian Psovoy Borzoi By Galina Zotova;

#23 - Psovoy And Vasick

#27 Fall 2003 - Psovoy

#29 Summer 04 - Aristocrat - A Czech Film By Julianna Wainbergova

#30 Fall 04 - Close Encounters Of The Jackrabbit Kind By Sally Baron; Posts From The Past By Margie Milne

#38 Spring 2007 - Adventures With Gorilla Glue By Joel Pierson; On With The Show By Ron Hevener;

#41 Winter - Discussion Of The New FCI Borzoi Standard By Lorene Connolly; Misadventures In Training - How Not To Box Train By Leonore Abordo;

#44 Fall 2008 - Chylothorax In Borzoi; Handling A Borzoi In Juniors By Amelia Gredys; ; Misadventures In Training - Teaching A Sighthound To Sit

#45 Winter 2008 - In Search Of Russian Borzoi Art By Veni Harlan

#48 Fall 2009 - Management Vs Training (Abordo); When A Dog Is Not A Horse, Of Course By C Miller

#49 Winter 2009 - Borzoi As Service Dogs By Alicia Miller; Management Vs Training By Abordo;