BCOA Versatility Awards

Annual Versatility Award (AVA)

BCOA's Annual Versatility Award acknowledges the achievements of member-owned Borzoi who compete in a minimum of three unrelated areas, one of which must be conformation, during the award year.  All points accumulated toward the AVA must be acquired after an individual achieves BCOA membership status. Entry level requirements are a minimum of one conformation point plus one minimum requirement from each of the following areas:

  1. Obedience/Tracking/Agility: one qualifying leg or one tracking title.
  2. Coursing/Racing: one point or a JC.

Borzoi with prior titles in these areas may compete; however, no credit will be given for these prior titles. Dogs with prior titles wishing to compete for the Annual Versatility Award may do so by competing for another title or higher title in the some area. For conformation titled Borzoi, the minimum one point conformation requirement is waived.

The deadline for submitting a dog for the annual versatility award is January 15.

Borzoi Versatility Lifetime Achievement Award (VLAA)

The purpose of the Borzoi Versatility Lifetime Achievement Award is to recognize the achievements of Borzoi who compete in three unrelated areas during their lifetime.  Entry-level requirements are a minimum of one title in each of the three unrelated areas of:

  1. conformation,
  2. obedience/tracking/agility,
  3. coursing/racing (does not include JC, SC or MC titles)

Borzoi Versatility Lifetime Achievement Award
VS. Annual Versatility Award

There seems to be much confusion surrounding these two awards with most people thinking the two awards are one in the same, when in actuality, they are not. 

The main difference is the BVLAA is based on hound’s lifetime achievements in a minimum of three unrelated areas.  The AVA is based on a borzoi’s achievement in the three unrelated areas during a specific calendar year

Secondly, the BVLAA is open to any borzoi who has received three titles in three unrelated areas whether it was owned by a BCOA member at the time of the accomplishments or not.  In addition, the borzoi does not need to be alive to be eligible for the award.  On the contrary, for the AVA the achievement in the three unrelated areas must occur after the member is a BCOA member and during a specific time span, the calendar year of the award. 

Third, the BVLAA is for any borzoi who meets the minimum credit of three titles in three unrelated areas, meaning there will be no one winner.  It is open to any borzoi who has someone applying in its behalf.  The AVA will be awarded to the one dog that accumulates the most points in three unrelated areas in one year.